If you’d like to work with me, please view my services below. When you’re ready, contact me at and tell me about your piece.

Please include:

  • A synopsis of your story.
  • Exact word count of your manuscript (the Microsoft Word count is fine!).
  • Your overall plans for this manuscript. For example, do you intend to query to agents? Are you looking to self-publish? Are you seeking a small press?
  • Any deadlines.
  • What service(s) you’re interested in.
  • The first five pages to be sure I’m a good fit for your work.

I’m more than happy to book your manuscript or answer questions!

Note: I specialize in young adult fiction, though I will edit New Adult works as well. For more on payment, manuscript formatting, and more, please refer to the FAQ page.

I provide a 10% discount for marginalized writers & Own Voices works!

Applicable to Proofreading, Manuscript Evaluations, and Line Editing.

If you’re interested in booking a slot 30+ days in advance, please refer to the FAQ page for important information regarding cancellation.

Sample Edit – Free!
For uncertain writers, check this out.

If you’re unsure about whether my editing style will suit you, I can provide an edit of your first five pages with in-line comments and a brief letter. This is at no charge to you!

Express Evaluation – $75
For writers on a very tight budget and/or deadline, this is the service for you. The Express Evaluation looks at those important first fifty pages for elements that might include pacing, characters and relationships, worldbuilding, and plot.

This service combines two elements:

  1. An editorial letter that explains the overall issues and concerns of the manuscript excerpt.
  2. In-line comments using Microsoft Word’s comment and Track Changes features to show specific problem areas, like overlong paragraphs and repetitive word choice. This is in addition to showing issues noted in the editorial letter.

Turnaround time: 7 days

Proofreading – $.005 per word
If you’re seeking one last look at your manuscript before submission or self-publication,
 try this service! Proofreading will weed out repeated words, typos, spelling and punctuation issues to ensure your manuscript is as clean as possible before querying or self-publishing.

Turnaround time: 21 days typical, 28 days maximum

Manuscript Evaluation – $.007 per word
My original service! If your piece has never been viewed by an editor before, this is the place to start. A Manuscript Evaluation takes the form of a detailed editorial letter in PDF format. The letter assesses characters and relationships, plot issues, worldbuilding, and other odds and ends. These Evaluations are arranged in categories so you can focus on one aspect at a time while editing. These Evaluations often lead to large-scale changes like the addition or removal of characters and plotlines, making this a good first step in the editorial process.

Turnaround time: 21 days typical, 28 days maximum

Line Editing – $.01 per word
For the writer seeking polished lines and A-plus word choice, this is the total package.  A line edit will point out overused words, repetitive sentence structures, and unclear sentences, leaving your prose with better rhythm and readability. Note: If you believe your manuscript requires developmental editing or an evaluation, I highly recommend completing those tasks first.

Turnaround time: 30 days maximum

Sensitivity Read – $250 under 80K words/$350 between 80K and 100K (discount not applicable)
For the right project, I offer sensitivity readings for several lived experiences. Sensitivity reading can be triggering and/or emotionally taxing; as such, I don’t provide any discounts for this service. Also, please understand that paying for one sensitivity reader is not enough; I can’t speak for an entire group.

If you understand the goals and limitations of sensitivity reading and feel you have a project that might be of interest, feel free to contact me.

I can read for the following lived experiences/identities:

  • African-American woman
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Interracial relationships
  • Disordered eating (restrictive)

This service includes a full read of your manuscript and a concise (1-5 pages) analysis.

Turnaround time: 30 days