1. How long does the process take?
    For Express Evaluations, you should receive your feedback within 7 days.
    For Proofreading and Line Editing, you should hear back in 21-30 days.
    For all developmental edits, you should expect your critique within 30 days..

    After payment is received, I will email with the exact date(s) so there is little confusion about what is due when.

  2. How can I reach you? Email me at TobiasEditorial@gmail.com. I’m open to answering questions, if you have them!

  3. Do you provide proofreading services? Yes!

  4. How should I format my manuscript to submit? One-inch margins, Times New Roman, 12 pt. font, and double-spaced, please! Thank you!

  5. What is the payment procedure? You will receive an invoice via PayPal after I have received your manuscript and found no technical issues with the file. Once payment is made in full, I’ll confirm that I’ve received it and will begin work immediately. You’ll also receive the expected completion date.
    Note: I do not begin working on your manuscript until payment is confirmed.

  6. Can I book a few months in advance? Sure! I’ll place you in my calendar, and  you’ll pay by PayPal invoice on your submission date! One to two weeks beforehand, I will send a reminder email. This is a great option if you know you’d like to work with me, but need some time to gather the funds.

    Cancellation policy if booking 30+ days in advance: You may cancel for any reason and without penalty as long as I am notified at least one week prior to your submission date. This gives me an opportunity to try to fill your spot. If fewer than seven days is given for cancellation, a payment equivalent to 25% of your quote is due on your submission date. For example, if your quote is $500, $125 is due. (In short, if something’s happened, let me know ASAP and we can discuss options. Don’t hesitate!)

    Please note: If your manuscript word count has INCREASED since your initial booking, your quote will be updated to reflect the higher word count.

  7. Do you offer any discounts? I do! I provide a discount of 10% for manuscripts featuring diverse characters and for marginalized writers.

    The definition of “diverse” that I’m using is borrowed from the We Need Diverse Books mission statement, quoted below:

    We recognize all diverse experiences, including (but not limited to) LGBTQIA+, people of color, gender diversity, people with disabilities*, and ethnic, cultural, and religious minorities.

    *We subscribe to a broad definition of disability, which includes but is not limited to physical, sensory, cognitive, intellectual, or developmental disabilities, chronic conditions, and mental illnesses (this may also include addiction). Furthermore, we subscribe to a social model of disability, which presents disability as created by barriers in the social environment, due to lack of equal access, stereotyping, and other forms of marginalization.

    Own Voices means the author and a character share the same marginalized identity.

  8. What’s your specialty? I work primarily with YA. I do well with contemporary stories, urban fantasy, low fantasy, light futuristic/science fiction, and I’m interested in suspense and thriller narratives as well. If there’s a romance involved, (please) count me in.
    I’ll also edit New Adult manuscripts on a case-by-case basis.
    I’m not the best person to ask if your work is historical or hard science fiction. However, if your manuscript has a compelling hook, diverse characters, and real emotion, it’s worth reaching out to see if I’m interested!
    Editorially, I have a great eye for pacing, diction, character development, and creating vivid settings.Overall, I’m very selective about which projects I accept because I’ll be spending so much time on them. If I don’t believe I’m the best person to edit your work, I’ll let you know before you ever pay a dime. You deserve to have an editor who is excited about your piece!

  9. Can I see examples of your editing style? Yes! I can do an edit of your first two pages for free. Just contact me!
    If you need to see more than that, I’d recommend the Express Evaluation service.

  10. Can you guarantee that I’ll find an agent/sell thousands of copies/become the Next Big Thing? I can guarantee nothing more than my honest feedback. The publishing world is one of opinion and taste, so it’d be misguided to suggest that working with me could guarantee anything except a pleasant experience with helpful critique. That’s the most any decent editor can promise.

  11. I disagree with your notes! At best, I imagine you’ll disagree with some of them. And that’s okay. All critique is subjective, and while I might make a suggestion that I believe will strengthen your manuscript, in the end, you’re the writer. It’s your story to tell, not mine. You always have full control over your novel; if something I suggest doesn’t sit well with you, you do not have to do it.